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We offer a range of support options to help you...
Technical support is just a phone call or email away, to assist you with ad hoc GIS software and data issues. GIS Lifebelt is an annual support contract with cost ranging from £500 to £1250 depending on the number of users. 

If you don't wish to commit to an annual contract, we can provide support on a case by case basis, which might involve help over the phone or our consultant spending time with your team on site. This is offered on a fixed price basis per project. 

Under the current financial climate, many organisations find themselves faced with a freeze on recruitment or are finding it increasingly difficult to attract the right levels of skill and experience required to manage their corporate mapping systems or support their GIS-users.

Salford GIS are able to provide a GIS Technician or Consultant to complement existing internal resources and help to meet these needs. Typically clients choose to buy a set number of days in advance which can be used as required throughout the year.  

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