Personalised Google Maps On the Verge of Launch

Never a company to fall behind in the technological race, Google yesterday announced that they have re-designed Google Maps from the ground up to give users the ‘personal experience’ with heavily customised maps which learn from your interaction to continually refine what you are shown. Although not ready yet, the announcement signals that it is just around the corner.

This YouTube video explains Google’s new direction;

Essentially, Google Maps will now generate a new map based upon what you search for and then how you interact with those search results. As you select a business the map is redrawn to best enable you to find the location, highlighting local roads and transport routes.

As you review a business the system learns from your selection and may offer recommendations which are similar. When you make a selection it is also possible to get recommendations of the best route to get there, either by car, public transport, walking or bicycle.

The new Google Maps also has ‘info pods’ which allow you to click anywhere on the map and dive into the content locally including flipping into our old favourite, StreetView. Google Earth has also now been integrated for Earth View which allows three dimensional viewing of satellite imagery.

The new Google Maps in not yet available but looks very impressive on the movie above. You can register your interest on the preview website allowing you to be one of the first to try the new system once it gets launched.

There will be traditionalists who don’t like it, and those who think that it is infringing our privacy, but for me any way of cutting through all the information available to give me access to what I really want seems like a good idea.

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