There Are Some Really Clever People About #27

Just when I thought we’d done Google StreetView to death something new comes along to blow our socks off all over again.

+Labs, a Division of Teehan+Lax have developed a methodology for capturing StreetView images and stiching them together into Hyperlapse motion pictures. The following shows some great examples but please be aware that it has sound so isn’t work friendly.

This idea came from one of the +Labs motion designers, a guy called Jonas, as part of the Labs experiment. The techies built him a tool and he built the stunning video above.

You can also build your own demonstration, selecting your own roads (and therefore images) so long as you have a pretty high powered machine and Google Chrome, although I have neither to enable me to have a play.

Mankinds’ ingenuity never fails to amaze me.

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