And I thought we were Map Mad!

It turns out that we’ve not even scratched the surface of map madness. We are sane, compos mentis, lucid, by comparison to some, particularly a couple of bloggers who I stumbled across today.

It all started with a bizarre blog from Frank Jacobs on his Strange Maps site. He was sent a photograph by someone who thought a hole in a drainpipe resembled Iceland. This then sparked a number of other correspondents to propose other countries and continents from; water drops, bits of half-eaten food, bits of rubbish and imprints left in dust.

But there is always someone who will take it a bit further and this task fell to cheliotk, a student at the Centre for advanced Spatial analysis in London who combined many such ‘accidental’ images into a correctly projects ‘accidental’ world map.


The bad news is that there is no Europe, but at least the UK exists.

What would Rorschach say?

Nutters…the lot of them.

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