How Well Do You Know The UK?

Despite having a degree in Geography I have never been particularly good at names of cities, rivers or┬ácountries. Pub quizzes often have me defending myself by saying ‘that’s not my kind of geography’, I’m more of an ox-bow lakes, or urban heat island kind of geographer.

But at last I’ve found a geography quiz that I can do (so I suspect that it must be rather easy) located at where you have to name twenty-five UK cities within three minutes. I managed to get 25/25 (100%) in just over one minute.

I was startled to find that the average was just 14/25. As a nation are we really that bad at knowing where our major cities are? Or has the quiz mostly been completed by non-nationals?

How good did you do? What about your colleagues? Or more importantly, how good are your kids at knowing their United Kingdom?

Have a go, it only takes a minute, and ‘comment your result’… if you dare!

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