All Eyes on the USA

If you hadn’t noticed, there is a bit of an election going on in the United States.

Our general elections feel like a long, drawn our affairs, but we can’t hold a candle to the USA. I suspect that the majority of the 57% who voted last time (2008) had become so bored that they only voted to ensure that the whole process ended, and the 43% who didn’t bother were comatose.

This years Presidential elections started with the Iowa caucus back on the 3rd January 2012, and will end with the general election on the 6th November. That’s a full eleven months of campaigning, sound bites, scandals, and polls. In the UK, the minimum legal length of time from calling a general election to polling day is just seventeen days which to me seems far more cilvilised.

So with just fourteen days to go until polling day, it appears that the US is still undecided about whether to give Democrat Barack Obama another four years in office, or to elect Republican Mitt Romney to the highest office.

The latest polling maps show that the incumbent has a slight lead, but with many states still ‘undecided’ it could end up as close as the Bush/Gore election in 2000.

These are the kinds of maps that will be filling your TV screens over the coming fortnight as pundit after pundit tries to decide which of these two figure heads will try and steer the USA out of the deepest recession since the 1930’s.

Will the American public stick with a President who inherited a catastrophe at home, and two unwinnable wars in the middle east, or will they elect a new Republican to try and escape the mess created by the last Republican regime under George W. Bush?

We’ll all find out on the 6th November, hanging chads permitting.


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