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GIS Training

GIS Consultancy and MapInfo TrainingSalford GIS
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Training with Salford GIS

In spite of the recent economic situation, investment in effective training has remained an important strategy for successful businesses, maybe more now than ever.

Employees are expected to be ever more productive, and frequent business reorganisation means that people are finding themselves in new roles and as a result may have access to software that they don’t know how to use. With organisations having invested time and money in acquiring a GIS capability, maintaining data etc., the lack of the necessary skills to use it makes this time and money wasted.

A couple of days’ training will unlock the value and put GIS to work.

Salford GIS offer courses designed for businesses. We are not an academic institution, we are GIS practitioners, so you can be sure that your trainer has been there, and done it (he may even have the t-shirt!)

And our courses are designed to be flexible. Training is delivered in one-day chunks, so you don't have to take 2 or 3 days consecutively out of the office (and face the dreaded email pile-up when you get back). You can learn at your own pace, with a day this month and a day next, or do it all in one go if that suits you better (e.g. if you're travelling a long way).

Training at Your Place or Ours? We run regular scheduled courses in Salford and in Stirling, where we have lovely air-conditioned facilities with unlimited tea & coffee and a nice lunch, but if you prefer we can arrange a private course for you and your colleagues either at our offices or at yours.

Location: Salford. Duration: 1 Day. Cost: £300 (ex VAT)... More details...
Location: Salford. Duration: 1 Day. Cost: £300 (ex VAT)... More details...
Location: Salford. Duration: 1 Day. Cost: £300 (ex VAT)... More details...
Location: Salford. Duration: 1 Day. Cost: £300 (ex VAT)... More details...
Location: Flexible. Duration: 1 or 2 Days. Cost: P.O.A.   ... More details...


*GIS News

New One-Day Courses

Eagle-eyed customers may have noticed recent changes to our training course names and schedule.

All public courses are now one-day's duration, to make it easier for people to g

Mad About Maps

Have you seen our new MapMad blog?

We've been running it for a couple of months and have achieved a pretty good following. We use it to share our observations, thoughts and tips

New Training Courses and Prices!

We all face challenging times, with increasing pressures to get "more for less" from employees and suppliers alike.

So investment in staff is more important than ever. For peopl

*Case Studies

Initially contracted in 2007, Salford GIS assisted Sport Wales to prepare a technical specification, manage a tender process, and appoint a contractor for the development of the Active ...


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